Show poster for July 28th: Bacchae, Princessed, Jackie and the Treehorns, and Breezy Supreme at 6pm-10pm and Lincoln, Samuel S.C., Bed Maker, and Continuals on July 29th at 6pm - 10pm


Why Reunion Summer?

We're holding this event because DC punk is how we grew up and who we are. We don't think we are alone in that. Particularly after years in lockdown and isolation, we want to return to our roots and invite anyone who has felt moved and inspired by DC punk to join us and do the same. The main purpose of this event is to bring people from that tradition back in touch with one another, spread apart though we all may be. Please make plans to come be part of things! There will be music and shows, art exhibits, zines, a huge community picnic and more.

We believe in the potential of DC punk to ignite new art, music, community engagement, and ideas for decades to come; the magic is there when we all come together.

In true all ages fashion, this gathering will have something for everyone - including the youngest and newest to punk. Families and children welcome!

In Collaboration with Positive Force DC

Logo for Positive Force DC

Since 1985, Positive Force DC has been turning punk idealism into community action through benefit concerts, protests, educational events, film showings and service work. For more information about PF, or to get more involved, please email PF or call 202-487-8698. PF shares office space with We Are Family at St. Stephen's, 1525 Newton Street NW, WDC 20010 and is always open to new ideas and energy. Be more than a witness!

Help fight hunger among our older neighbors while also building bridges across lines of race, class, age and beyond! Join We Are Family to bring groceries and love to low-income seniors in the Columbia Heights neighborhood.


If you can't come but would still like to support St. Stephen's in this time, you can make a donation here.


Friday, July 28th

St. Stephens (6pm - 10pm)

Bacchae - Princessed - Jackie and the Treehorns - Breezy Supreme

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Saturday, July 29th

Grocery Delivery for Low-Income Seniors (10am - 1pm)

We Are Family DC logo

Join We Are Family to bring groceries and love to low-income seniors in the Columbia Heights neighborhood from 10am-1pm on Saturday, July 29th! Both folks with cars and those without can help fight hunger among our older neighbors while also building bridges across lines of race, class, age and beyond. Contact Mark Andersen via email or 202-487-8698 to get more details or to sign up to help. You can also do so via the We Are Family website. Thanks so much!

Picnic @ Ft. Reno (12pm - 3pm)

Free and open to all! Bring sunscreen, pop up tent or umbrella, food and drink and yourselves! In the event of rain this picnic will move indoors at St. Stephen's

St. Stephens (6pm - 10pm)

Lincoln - Samuel S.C. - Bed Maker - Continuals

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Sunday, July 30th

DC Punk Archive Open House @ MLK Library, 4th Floor (2pm - 4pm)

In celebration of Reunion Summer, DC Punk Archive will bring out highlights from the collections to share with visitors. Come read some zines, watch some videos, listen to records and learn more about the project! Collection donations welcome, email with questions.

The collection includes photographs, published materials (books, zines, and articles), sound and video recordings (vinyl records, tapes, CDs, live performances, demos, oral histories, and interviews), and ephemera (fliers, posters, set lists, letters, and tickets).

DC Punk Archive @ MLK Library (1pm - 5pm)

The DC Punk Archive was established in 2014 to document the vibrant and influential punk music scene of Washington D.C. The subject scope is intentionally broad, including punk and related local music between 1976-present, in order to capture both well-documented and lesser-known stories. The archive documents music and musicians as well as the cultural context of venues, festivals, record shops, radio stations, houses and tours that were a vital part of the D.C. scene.

The collection includes photographs, published materials (books, zines, and articles), sound and video recordings (vinyl records, tapes, CDs, live performances, demos, oral histories, and interviews), and ephemera (fliers, posters, set lists, letters, and tickets).



Members of Bacchae standing in front a graffiti-tagged gate
camera icon Photo credit: Avery Davis

Formed in 2016 by four friends with minimal experience as musicians, Bacchae make music with no assumptions about what a punk band should sound like. On their LP, “Pleasure Vision”, brooding synth-driven pop sits alongside prickly, fast-paced punk and spooky post-punk sounds. Sometimes you get all of that in a single song. But whether the band is exploring the pain of a doomed relationship or the push and pull of disgust and desire while shopping online, what carries through it all is a sense of uncertainty, dissolution and dread.


A photo of the members of Princessed
camera icon Photo credit: Benjamin Tankersley

Princessed was founded in the mid-90s by high schoolers in a suburban basement outside of DC. Influenced by the urgent, DIY energy of riot grrrl & alt rock icons like Babes in Toyland and the Lunachicks, they processed teen angst while poking fun at the patriarchy. Nurtured in local record stores, Princessed found a home at DIY punk shows in VA & benefit shows for which DC punk is notorious.

Jackie and the Treehorns

Black and white photo of the members of Jackie and the Treehorns

Rooted in the basic tenets of rock, Jackie and The Treehorns create music from just outside the nation's capital in Alexandria, VA and just outside the mainstream. Formed in 2009 and fronted by Steven Rubin under the guise of an altered ego (Jackie) and his band (The Treehorns) the group fight to keep the flames of the rock and/or roll fire lit with inspired original inventiveness. Jackie and The Treehorns' music covers a wide sonic palate, taking the listener down familiar paths before detouring towards parts unknown, while Jackie's lyrics explore topics ranging from celebrity stalkers, robots, serial killers, and hitchhikers to odd phenomena like UFO's, déjà vu, ghosts, and extraterrestrial party favors. The bands most recent releases, Go Get Your Ghosts (2023), Made You Run (2021), Hidden Cameras (2020) and It's Never Too Late (2019), were recorded at Ivakota Studios in Washington, DC with Ben Green. For their previous releases, The J. Album (2018), singles Writer and A World Gone Mad (2017), RU4REAL? (2016), and Do You Mind If I Wear A Clown Mask? (2015) the band worked with legendary engineer Don Zientara at the famed Inner Ear Studio in Arlington, VA.

Breezy Supreme

Photo of Breezy Supreme

Breezy Supreme is a black alternative rock artist from the Washington DC/ Maryland area. Not being restricted to just 1 sound, Breezy has experimented with multiple genres such as Pop Punk, Punk, Hardcore, Hip Hop and more. Breezy mostly expresses different struggles and emotions in his music, all in which are personal to him. Though he doesn't have a specific end goal, he aims to inspire and create space for other black alternative creatives across the globe.


Photo the band Lincoln

Lincoln was a Morgantown, WV band formed in 1992 by Jay Demko (vocals/guitar), John Herod (guitar), Justin Wierbonski (drums), and Johanna Claasen (bass). Dan­ Ball would take over as bassist when Claasen couldn't tour due to conflicts with college. Lincoln was a band for just a brief time, and left behind only a handful of recordings, but they remain highly respected and are often regarded as one of the many foundational pieces of what would become known as “post-hardcore,” as well as the proto-emo scene that was birthed by bands like Rites of Spring and Moss Icon.

Samuel S.C.

Photo of the band Samuel S.C.
camera icon Photo credit: Matthew Rezac

After a 27-year hiatus, melodic punk/post-hardcore band Samuel reformed as Samuel S.C., the added initials reflecting a change in personnel and a nod to the group's original home of State College, PA. Known for their beloved mid-90s seven-inch EPs and split with Texas Is The Reason, Samuel rose from the ashes of singer Vanessa Downing's previous band, Junction, and was one of the flagship bands of drummer Eric Astor's legendary label Art Monk Construction. Both the band and label relocated to DC in 1995, then split before recording an anticipated full length. Between 2019 - 2021, four of the five geographically scattered-but-still-close longtime friends revisited and reconstructed older songs, crafted a few new ones, and finally made their debut LP High Places, released on Org Music in early 2023, along with a compilation of their early material, titled 94-95. Shows and more new music to come!

Bed Maker

Photo of the band Bed Maker
camera icon Photo credit: Diane Krauthamer

Bed Maker is Jeff Barsky, Amanda MacKaye, Arthur Noll and Vin Novara. Separately, we have done a lot and now, together, we are doing this.


Photo of the band Continuals
camera icon Photo credit: Michael Honch

Three human friends who have been in a bunch of other bands before this one. Darren plays drums. Michael plays bass. Ryan plays guitar and "sings."


The shows are a benefit for St. Stephen's Church, a pivotal space for punk performances and community organizing for many decades. Both concerts will take place at St. Stephen's: 1525 Newton Street, NW. Both begin at 6pm; a link to purchase tickets will be available shortly so stay tuned.

In addition to both shows, there will be a community picnic on Saturday, July 29th at Fort Reno Park from 12-3pm. On Sunday, July 30th, attendees are encouraged to visit the DC punk archive at the DC public library.

Keep checking this space for more details, photos, etc! See you this summer.

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